Pelosi Exposed, as are the Democrats

Nancy Pelosi may have staved off age on her face, but when she came “charging” across the House floor to wag her finger at Rep. Tom Marino, she did it at break-neck glacial speed.

In this video you can see Pelosi looks like she’s walking over hot coals.

What did Marino do to get Pelosi so charged up? He did what Republicans should be doing with all charges of “obstruction,” and that is remind people that the Left had BOTH chambers of Congress AND the presidency, and they didn’t address all the things they are politicizing.

The War on Women, immigration policy, valid ID, and so on. That “do nothing” Congress had a license to steal, but they were too busy partying, believing they would be in power forever.

Carville said “The Republicans won’t win an election for another hundred years,” because of the election of Barack Obama.

So with that kind of power, why didn’t the Left enact all these protections for illegals and women, and where are the jobs?

Instead these morons killed the military, targeted Conservative groups, and tried to destroy businesses with the grotesque monster we call ObamaCare. 

Obama promptly began making America look completely inept, particularly when he traveled abroad.

Pelosi waddled her broken old frame across the House floor because she wants no reminders of when she was large and in charge.


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