More Spending, More Regulation, More of the Same

Under President Obama, the deficit has doubled. The federal government now borrows 40 cents for every new dollar it spends. No family, no community, no country can sustain that kind of excessive spending. It’s the road to bankruptcy. We need to identify irresponsible spending, eliminate wasteful projects, and prioritize programs that provide the greatest benefit to the American people and economy.

The President claims to support increases in domestic energy production, but actions speak louder than words. The Administration’s approach to energy policy has been focused more on regulation than production. From thinly veiled attacks on hydraulic fracturing and coal-killing EPA regulations to restrictions on energy production on federal lands and opposition to the Keystone Pipeline, the President’s policies are anti-energy.

Climate Change:
Any sweeping new regulations will curtail American jobs and stifle the economy while doing little to address the global warming. Congress and a majority of Americans strongly oppose any policy that amounts to a national energy tax. And the EPA is already burdening American businesses with job-killing regulations that raise costs and cramp the economy.

Research and Development:
I agree with the President that R&D is critical for America to remain a leader in global innovation. But past experience has shown the President prefers handouts for pet projects rather than strengthening research and development.

Cyber attacks against US government and private sector networks are on the rise. Protecting America’s cyber systems is critical to our economic and national security. However, the President should not substitute an Executive Order for legislation that is approved by the people’s representatives in Congress. Congress must be involved in any cybersecurity policy for the country, and that’s why the Science Committee plans to take up this issue later this month.


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