Funding the Government

Last week, the House voted on an Omnibus bill that funded the government for the rest of the fiscal year. I voted against this horrible legislation. It went against almost everything I stand for (except strengthening our military). The 2,232 page monstrosity was crafted behind closed doors by a handful of deep state staffers and power brokers who I do not believe have the interests of the American people at heart. They certainly lacked the courage to fix many of the things President Trump and I agreed during the campaign needed fixing. In typical Washington, DC fashion, it showed no courage. Adding insult to injury, the bill was released the night before Congress was expected to vote on it leaving barely 12 hours to read it. In a style reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi pushing through Obamacare, it left around one minute to read each of the 2,232 pages, in the dead of night after a full day of work. 

When I ran for Congress, I promised to make the government more efficient and responsive, cut government spending, repeal Obamacare, protect life, and reduce the debt; which along with border security are probably the greatest threats to national security at this time. I don't believe the omnibus did any of these things. Sadly, the Omnibus added billions of dollars of unnecessary non-defense discretionary spending, leaves Obamacare intact, funds Planned Parenthood, threatens the jobs of vulnerable workers and increases our national debt with record spending levels.

Another aspect of this bill that disappoints me is the lack of significant funding for the border wall, which I strongly support. President Trump campaigned on securing the border with a wall and this legislation does not increase border security to protect the American people. 


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