From Dark Horse To Race Horse – Gordy Bunch Leads The Pack

The following is a press release from the Gordy Bunch for Texas Senate campaign.

HOUSTON, April 18, 2014 – With the endorsement of the Houston Chronicle, Gordy Bunch takes the lead in the race for Texas State Senate, District 4. Recently recommended by the Texas Patriots PAC Tea Party, the Spring, TX Tea Party, the Professional Insurance Agents Association, and others, Bunch has reached the front-runner position in the campaign to fill the current vacancy in the state senate office vacated by Senator Tommy Williams.

In endorsing Bunch today, the Houston Chronicle said: “Bunch touts his business experience and his township track record of lowering property taxes below the effective tax rate and paying down city debt. In addition to his Township experience, he seems to have a good grasp of issues that affect the district, including education needs in Beaumont and Port Arthur and transportation needs throughout the area.”

This morning, Bunch said: “I am pleased that my credentials as the most uniquely qualified candidate in this race are connecting with decision makers, voters, and the media in Senate District 4. In addition to my service on the Township board, my extensive and successful business experience in building a national insurance services company is also noteworthy, as exemplified by my nomination as the Gulf Coast’s Entrepreneur of the Year. But, most important of all, are the people of Senate District 4 who have reached out to me with thousands of visits to our campaign web site,, our FaceBook page, and during my personal visits to homes, groups and organizations throughout the five counties of Senate District 4. “

“I greatly appreciate the recognition and support of the Houston Chronicle, the Tea Parties, and the endorsements of non-political professional and citizen groups. We will continue to campaign with the vigor of a winner right up to the closing hours of voting on the night of May 10, 2014. We expect to emerge as the victor. I am excited at the prospect of bringing my expertise and dedication to the Texas Senate, fostered in the U.S. Coast Guard, polished by the hard knocks of starting a business in the sad year of 2001, and embellished by the opportunities given me when I was elected to The Woodlands Township Board of Directors. My goal is to keep the American Dream alive, stave off an intrusive federal government, and ensure that our greatest generation will always be in our future.”


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