The Dream Act - Democrats pull another "fast one" on the American public.

It is really amazing what happens when one actually reads the text of a bill. You find out what the Democrats are really up to! Democrats have been teasing Hispanic Voters for years with the Dream Act. Dangling it like a carrot to keep Hispanic Voters locked down "on the Democrat Plantation". And yet, The Dream Act will continue to be DENIED because of games the Democrats like to play.

The Dream Act has promised to provide permanent residence status for the children of illegal aliens who came to the USA with no culpability of the crime of illegal immigration IF they complete two years of college, OR serve honorably in the US Military for period of two years.

That sounds great, right?  Two years of honorable military service in exchange for permanent residence status - who could oppose that? Well, it seems the devil is in the details, for that is not what the Dream Act calls for at all. The text of the Dream Act as it is currently before Congress (S.3962 or S.3963) says the alien may apply for the change of status to permanent resident if:

"The alien has completed at least 1 of the following:

(i) The alien has acquired a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or has completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in the United States.

(ii) The alien has served in the uniformed services for at least 2 years and, if discharged, has received an honorable discharge."

Uniformed services?  Not "Military Services"? What do they mean by "uniformed services"?  I looked at the definitions contained in the bill and found the following:

"UNIFORMED SERVICES- The term ‘uniformed services’ has the meaning given that term in section 101(a) of title 10, United States Code."

This led me to the following:

Search 10 U.S.C. § 101 : US Code - Section 101: Definitions

(5) The term "uniformed services" means -

(A) the armed forces;

(B) the commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and

(C) the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service.

This text was changed after it was defeated this summer as an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill.

The Conservative Hispanic Society (CHS) has come out against the Dream Act because of these changes. They reported:

"CHS believes there is no better way to show loyalty to your adopted country by serving in the US military. Changing the language to say uniformed gives too much latitude for Congress or the President to “uniform” the Peace Corp or the Job Corp and cheapen the intent of giving resident status to undocumented aliens that sacrifice for our county through military service."

Remember Barack Obama's speech where he wants to build a "Civilian Force that is as well funded and well equipped as the US Military"?

CHS also opposes the change from a requirement of a high school diploma to that of a GED stating, "The addition of the GED requirement does not promote staying in school, graduating high school and will actually contribute to increase the already high Hispanic dropout rates across the country.

It is time for Democrats to stop playing games with Hispanic voters and the children who are caught in legal limbo waiting for a solution to their status.

Urge your Senators to vote NO on the Dream Act as it is currently written and then let the new Republican House write a new bill to bring a solution to this problem. And tell Senate Democrats to quit playing games with Hispanic voters and children!

What do you think?


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Total BS. the bill doesn't  grant permanent residency, only conditional residency. If they drop out of school or fail to honor their commitment in the military within six years after applying, then it gets taken away and, since immigration will have their information, probably deported. How would GED's encourage drop outs, they need to go to college or go to the military to even be considered for this,  dropouts won't even stand a chance. Playing with Hispanics, yeah right, the only ones doing that are the Republicans that encouraged Hispanics to don't vote on the previous elections. Furthermore, the DREAM Act was written by Republicans, but now they don't have the guts to stand for what is right since they became the puppies of the GOP (to not say the B word). Example McCain, the original sponsor of the bill. There is no way Dems are going to lose the Hispanic vote even if they fail to fulfill their promises to the Hispanic community, Hispanics won't even consider voting for Reps while they try passing legislation that persecutes Hispanics. And Hispanics will not stop voting, even with all the "don't vote, blame Dems" propaganda.

Obviously MB seems to throw "facts" out hoping that no one actually questions his biased fully Democratic opinion.  The Sponsor of the current DREAM Act which contains the language mentioned in the article was Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL]

MP, Thanks for your comments.  Let me clarify a few things for you. 

The "conditional residency" is the first step in the process with the goal being permanent residence at the completion of the process.  No problem with that. If you had read my article, you would notice I do support the Dream Act with some modifications.  The purpose of this article is to point out the games being played with Hispanic voters.  Democrats could have passed this bill anytime they wanted during the first 14 months of the Obama administration.  They didn't because they wanted to save it as a political toy.

Republicans, particularly Conservatives, do not encourage any citizen not to vote. The message you refer to came from one organization not affiliated with the Republican party or the overwhelming majority of Conservative voters.

The Dream Act was not "written by Republicans".  It was written by a bi-partisan group who could not get traction for it because it became tied to "Comprehensive Immigration Reform".  The Dream Act should be considered and passed on its own merits, not lumped in with a lot of other problems.

I do object strongly to the change from "Military Service" to "Uniformed Service".  This was not the original intent of the bill.  Just another dirty trick from your fellow Democrats to keep it from passing.

If you are Hispanic, I encourage you to vote.  I encourage ALL American citizens to vote.  Never let a party keep you from voting because they fail to represent your views.  Find someone who does.


Definitely everything is politically motivated. There is no sincerity nor honesty in dealing with the problem most specifically the GOP or otherwise the TEA (TRANSIENT Ethnic Association). The Hispanics and other Races are taken for granted and are being toyed around for political reasons. Sooner or later, I am very optimistic that GOP especially the TEA are going to be extinct from this society. In the recent November election a lot of seniors voted for the Republicans and a minute TEA individuals since fear was initiated on the voters especially the seniors. Of course seniors have always have the tendency of being paranoid. And if the seniors (with due respect) are going to leave, a lot of new generation who are proactive, aggressive and talented are going to be more involved in electing the party who is more inclined to their course (The youth definitely are going to have their family and have children and absolutely are going to be taught the agony that they have encountered with the GOP (TEA have extinct). A lot of these young individuals have voted for the current president but have been passive since his priority or promise for the millions of undocumented immigrants was not fulfilled. Their families will always vote where their undocumented family member is going to benefit. We are not talking only of Hispanics but other Races too. These undocumented immigrants are only after their freedom to stay, integrate with the American society and be a U.S citizen. (I have a relative who is undocumented. He has established his own business where he hired U.S. individuals and gave them health insurance benefits [Private insurance]He even donated money to the school where his children studied in elementary and secondary schools just to repay the benefit that he got from the government. Don't be prejudiced  on undocumented individuals. There are very few who are criminals, but let me remind you that a lot of U.S. citizen are the ones who are committing crimes (rapes, burglary, murder etc.) it just happen that when an undocumented commits crime, the media put more sensation and is single out and tries to generalized that all undocumented are murders, rapist etc. Truth will prevail and sympathy will spread from the U.S. and all the nations of this world. If you want to deport all these poor souls then do so. America will be much worst than you expected if you will do this. America is a Christian nation and has been blessed since the beginning because of its generosity and compassion but now its going on a negative direction. I hope and pray that the GOP will be the first one to show their humanness on this issue of CIR.

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