CPAC 2011 - NRA's Wayne LaPierre Addresses CPAC - Less Government, More Freedom

NRA's Wayne LaPierre - PhotoAs the leader of one of America's most conservative organizations, the NRA, Wayne LaPierre stepped to the podium to address CPAC about the gun industry, the second amendment and American freedom.

Because of the last election, people are reading the Constitution like never before.

Introduced video of Charton Heston talking about the medias love of dramatizing the tragedy of carnage. LaPierre read off a list of 12 names. Asked if anyone recognized the names. No one did. They were the names of the dead from VA Tech. He talked about the commonality of public shootings by establishing "gun free" zones that leave people defenseless.Charlton Heston

Six people were murdered in Tucson. Do you remember their names? The media makes a celebrity out of the killer and ignores the victims. Dramatizing the shooter only encourages more people to act out in that fashion. The media should be ashamed of themeselves.

Media and liberals now rushing to gun control laws. The tragedy in Tucson was a terrible crime. But it is now time for frank talk. We must have a serious and honest conversation.

Liberals want us to believe we can stop a madman with more laws. You cannot legislate evil from people's hearts. Libs told us that "gun free" zones would protect us. Yet the Tucson shooter walked right through the gun free zone with his guns intent to kill. Government failed.

When it comes to protecting us from the whims of a madman, the government is a dismal failure. Discussed the governments failure to use existing laws to properly prosecute criminals who use guns for criminal purposes. The government cannot protect us.

The Mayor of DC is "troubled" that law abiding citizens are buying handguns. Gave example of illegal alien MS-13 member who raped after being let go by state officials. Government let him go and an 8 year old girl was raped. Government failed that 8 yr old girl.

What is freedom if you are not free from peril. How safe do you feel? One out of four cities are cutting public safety.

Camden NJ is firing half of its police department. Oakland CA just laid off 80 officers. Texas will slash its budget for prisons and parole officers. Detroit has lost 700 officers and Tulsa laid off 110. The government response, ban high capacity gun magazines. WHAT?!

Government continues to write laws that infringe on the rights of honest citizens while they do nothing to criminals. Mexico bans guns to its citizens.

Yet, guns terrorizs the citizens that cannot protect themselves. Our southern border, GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED! No matter how hard they try, they will not convince us that disarming honest people will make us safer. We need more freedom.

The presence of a gun in a good person makes us all safer. When Israel had problems with shootings in schools, they armed teachers. Since then, only one shooting which ended with the good guys with the guns stopped the bad guys with the guns.

Yet, at Ft. Hood, soldiers were banned from carrying guns in yet another "Gun Free" zone. A madman killed them with his gun.

Anyone who thinks the second amendment is outdated should take a look at Egypt. Order is only being maintained by what the citizens can do themselves. New Orleans residents can relate to that.

Our security is in our own hands and is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is time for real change. The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. We need more freedom and a lot less government.

Our second amendment rights should be expanded not contracted. Calling on Congress to grant all honest Americans the right to carry a gun. It is time for a national concealed carry gun. 7 million people now legally carry concealed guns.

Crime is lower where it is allowed than it is where carry is not allowed. Right to carry allows Americans to protect themselves. No more lies, laws and government failure.

It is time the victims in this country got a fighting chance. LaPierre played a very disturbing 911 call about a woman and her baby attacked by a home intruder. The woman was raped and killed while the police listened on the phone.

We have a right to be safe - A God given right to protect ourselves. We will keep fighting because we must.



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