Congressman Kevin Brady's Healthcare Flowchart: What the Democrats Don't Want You to See

Why are the Democrats so upset about Rep. Kevin Brady's (R-TX 8th) health care reform chart that they are willing to use House rules to prohibit its dissemination?

A Roll Call article discusses the controversy surrounding this chart and describes Brady's visualization

At first glance, Brady’s chart resembles a board game: a colorful collection of shapes and images with a web of lines connecting them.

Sounds Harmless enough, but why are the Democrats so anxious to prevent the public from seeing it?

But a closer look at the image reveals a complicated menagerie of government offices and programs that Republicans say will be created if the leading Democratic health care plan becomes law.

Looks like congratulations are in order to Rep. Brady; the Democrats, by trying to prevent it from being distributed, are giving his chart exactly the sort of publicity it deserves.  We are only too happy to oblige as well.

Click here for large image.


I agree, the new plan looks like, and is, a mess.  However, to be honest, if you put up a chart of the current system, it would be a mess too.  And also, I am wondering, why is there no talk of REFORMING INSURANCE COMPANIES from the republican side of the aisle.  One of the dirtiest players in the whole system are the insurance companies, why not have some ( ok, a LOT ) of talk and action to them to reform?

I would like to be able to compare this chart with a chart of the current system. Do you know where I might be able to find such a chart?

If the chart of the current system was such a mess the democrats would have published it by now.

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