Engine Throttling: Why Daley Is Not Necessarily Good News

I’ve referred to this before, but all expansive governments incline to fascism, the cooperation and solidifying of government and bi business. Include such as Nazi fascism, which some consider “of the right.” But as Nazism is National “Socialism” and in national terms, the only “right” I care about and identify with is a libertarianism constrained by a minimalist morality like…oh, the respect of life, liberty and property, all of which are defied in all Western democracies, including The United States which declares those values in its founding documents as unalienable human rights that are endowed by their creator. Life: a “constitutional right” to abortion. Liberty: massive regulation of commerce with our fellow citizenry and now even a mandate of a defined health insurance product that you must buy. Property: huge and ubiquitous taxation. But, I digress.

All expansions of government authority beyond such minimal constraints incline to partner with and enhance the operators of established industry and squeeze out the innovation and competitive ability of small businesses and entrepreneurs. That’s why the socialized democracies of Western Europe that tax all entities to subsidize the providers and employers of most of their people, have historically trailed The United States in innovation, productivity and prosperity. And that is why the communist experiment in which government outright seized rather than appropriating control of producers, besides suppressing and even killing many of its people, decayed and crumbled in less than a hundred years.

On Thursday, President Obama chose William Daley, former Clinton staffer, brother and son of Chicago mayors Richard Daley Jr. and Sr., and top executive of J.P. Morgan Chase, to be his chief of staff to replace Rahmbo Emanuel. Daley joins the typical cadre of Wall Street executive alumni in The White House. Some conservatives, particularly Wall Street Journal and other Wall Street entities, have voiced relief at the appointment of someone who at least has SOME experience in the private sector. While it is true that Daley opposed both Obamacare and the financial regulation bill, conservatives shouldn’t get carried away with enthusiasm. Goldman-Sachs was a public verbal whipping boy, while the biggest winner from the regulation…Goldman-Sachs and such Wall Street entities. Look for Daley’s actions to continue be aimed at squeezing commerce from the middle to the top and wringing innovation and small and middle-sized business out of the market, just as health care, financial, and other regulation does.


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