Candidate Bryan Underwood (TX-28) Responds to Voter's Concerns Regarding His Past Arrest Charge

Incumbent Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-38) is sending out email attacks on his Republican opponent Bryan Underwood! The following exchange came in between Candidate Bryan Underwood and a TexasGOPVote reader.


TexasGOPVote reader:

"I have now received two campaign notices on Bryan's numerous arrest and felony charge from H. Cuellar. Any comments?"


Candidate Bryan Underwood:

"This is standard issue Democrat smear campaign tactics. I am not now, nor have I ever been a convicted felon. Mr. Cuellar knows this and is not only intentionally deceiving the voters of district 28, but also insulting their intelligence by trying to say a convicted felon can even run for this office. When I was 23 years old and a young father and husband a I damaged a mans car because he was interfering in my marriage. The marriage did fail and shortly thereafter I was awarded sole custody of my son, the single best thing that ever happened to me. Other than this incident I have had two $100.00 fines in my entire life.

"The 'tax cheat' mailer is a complete fabrication and has been refuted by the Guadalupe County Tax Assessor Collector. This is a blatant lie being pushed by Henry Cuellars campaign. If you will take a close look at the mailer it is a "paid in full" receipt. Mr. Cuellars reckless behavior has potentially endangered my family by publishing our address to everyone across the district.

"Over the past year I have been running a campaign on the issues that are important to all of us; border security, lower taxes, cutting spending, repealing the current "health-care" bill, stopping "cap and trade", and defending our Constitution. Henry Cuellar has avoided eight opportunities to debate and/or answer voters questions in open, public forums. I have been to all of these and answered your questions and asked for your input. Now that he is feeling the heat he has panicked. His only recourse is to run a last minute campaign based on slander and my personal destruction.

"Why is it that Henry Cuellar refuses to come out and tell us how good his voting record is? Why is it that after six years he has refused to do anything meaningful or helpful for those living along the border region and trying to keep their families safe? Why did he vote yes 96% of the time with Nancy Pelosi if he is unwilling to stand behind those votes now?

"Mr. Cuellar's intimidation tactics do not work on me. I do not back-down or retreat and we will win this election with honesty and dignity."


TexasGOPVote reader:

"Thank you for response. I voted for Bryan. My husband and I are tired of this 'blue' dog democrat---he sure has a stronghold in the valley. Can't believe his campaign tactic to smear. This information surely has been declared. Isn't this fraudulent?"


Candidate Bryan Underwood:

"Mr. Cuellar's claims are very fraudulent and we have already contacted an attorney."


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