Calling Me Out

Well, I guess I’m caught in my deceit. All this time, I’ve pretended that I objected to little things like spending more money than all previous administrations COMBINED, leaving an unfathomable debt for generations to come, doubling the currency in circulation which was already unrepresentative of the value of real assets, promising huge near future inflation, pursuing those in the CIA who were obeying legally reviewed instructions against terror suspects and interdicting terrorist actions, failing to “meddle in” an Iranian fraudulent election and a violently repressed protest and only a week later calling with Chavez and the Castros for restoration of a president in Honduras whom their courts had called for the removal of for defying the Honduran constitution, failing to confront either Iran or North Korea for developing and testing nuclear and aggressive weaponry, appointing a bunch of ideologically wacky advisors and czars, interfering with and usurping great segments of private industry, trying to take over and transform the health care system into an inept and wasteful bureaucracy… how many commas are you allowed in a sentence? Oh, well, you get the point.

But alas, I’ve been called out by Jimmy Carter and members of the left wing media: the truth is that I’m really a racist! Man, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fool those discerning people! Boy, you sure can’t put one over on them!


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