Bryan Underwood: U.S. Representative Candidate (TX-28)

Hello, My name is Bryan Underwood and I am a candidate for U. S. Representative in Texas Congressional District 28. Never in my life would I have ever thought that we would be considering limiting care to our elderly, begging China for money to supply deficit spending that will throw unbearable debt upon our future generations, or considering a government takeover of our healthcare system. Never in my life have I taken a single breath that I have not been proud to be an American, and proud to be a Texan. As most capitalist-minded conservatives I was content to build my business, raise my family, and vote for candidates with beliefs that resemble my own.

The past few years have changed my perspective and made me realize if we do not get involved our country will be run by those with ideals contrary to those we hold dear. The “tax-day tea party” held at the Alamo last April was the first I attended. When the 9/12 march on Washington was scheduled, we decided it was important enough to put our work on-hold and make sure we were in attendance. Those four days in our nation's capital further altered the course of my life. Seeing and speaking to so many people with the same concerns and worries for our future was a breath of fresh air. Standing in humbled awe in that enormous crowd while they said the pledge of allegiance, then sang “America the Beautiful” struck a chord deep within me. Reading the original Constitution in the National Archives that following Sunday morning made me question the motives of those in office.

With so many important issues facing us today and more coming tomorrow, I will attempt to tell you who I am, and what will guide my decisions as a Congressman.

  • I am a Christian, we are a nation born on Christian principles.
  • Life is precious from conception to natural death.
  • Our Constitution is the greatest political document ever written and should be followed with the original intent of our founding fathers.
  • We absolutely have to secure our borders.
  • Small business is the backbone of our country, and we need to return to being a nation of producers.
  • Secure ownership of private property is an essential cornerstone to liberty and prosperity.
  • Our free-market system works best with the least amount of federal interference.
  • Individuals can spend their money much more wisely than the government can. Less spending, lower taxes, and smaller government at every opportunity.

I love our country and want to do all I can to preserve our freedoms. If you agree with me, I need your support, I welcome your feedback, and I need your vote in the March 2nd Republican primary. 

You can also follow my campaign on Facebook.

Update: I have been endorsed by

San Antonio Express:

"Bryan Underwood, a Madison High School graduate who is now a Seguin businessman, is the right choice in the GOP primary. Underwood understands the needs of small businesses. He would be a conservative voice in Washington."


" In the Texas 28th Congressional District, Bryan Underwood has filled out our Immigration-Reduction survey and has been identified as a True Reformer."


Do you support the FairTax? 

Yes. A fair-tax or flat-tax system would be preferable to our current system. I believe this could be one of the strongest moves we could make to restore our economy.

Dear Mr. Underwood,

I live in Laredo, TX, have always been primarily a Republican and have always voted so, for the exception of Henry Cuellar and the late Ann Richards (the only two Democrats I have ever voted for). But today I am so disgusted with the Demoratic Party and I can honestly say that after today I will strictly vote Republican.

Mr. Underwood I wish you the best of luck and please know that I will be voting for you in the next election. This Health Care Bill will be the death of small businesses and  I am truly disgusted on the tactics used by the Democrats to get this bill passed.  I know many other Laredoans who feel like I do. 

Mr. Underwood, you have my vote in Laredo!


Do you have a website?  How can I get involved in your campaign against Cuellar.  My first overt political action was also at the Tax Day Alamo Tea Party and I, my sister (Denver) and brother (Portland OR) all went to DC for the 9-12 March.

Disgusted does not even begin to describe my feelings about our federal government and their complete disregard for the will of the people.  It is hard to believe that our representatives could actually say and believe they have the moral upper hand because they did "what is right, not what is popular".  I could have sworn that the will of the people would be "what is right".

I am a life long conservative republican and find that I need to be involved as much as is possible in the fight to defeat every democrat currently serving if we are to claim our country back.

I live just outside of San Antonio.  Please let me know how to get involved in your campaign (after all, I KEEP my promises and I promised Henry Cuellar on March 21st that I would work tirelessly to ensure he loses HIS job).

Thank you for stepping up and running!
Cheryl Parsons
Cibolo TX

Please let me know how I can get involved in your campaign in the Schertz area.  I also promised Henry C. that I would work hard to ensure he is not reelected in November!!

I'd like to support your campaign, but I've not been able to find a website or any other source of information.  Where can I find further info?  Thanks!

Hello Mr. Cook, Thank you for your interest. More information can be found at If you will send me your email address to [email protected] I can put you on our email list. Thank you again, Bryan Underwood

We are in the planning stages of a meet and greet/fundraiser in your area now. If you will send me your email address to [email protected] I will keep you informed. Thank you for your support, Bryan Underwood

I agree with you, Anne- it is time for Henry Cuellar to go.

Thank you for your support;
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