Brian Terry Murder - Mainstream Media Comes on Board... FINALLY!

The murder of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the ATF's bungling of "Project Gunrunner" have finally caught the attention of the mainstream media (MSM) or at least that of CBS News.

It only took them from December to the end of February to figure out this was indeed "newsworthy". In a Feb 23rd report on CBS News website, CBS brings to light the story that Agent Terry was killed by weapons the ATF had been tracking as part of "Project Gunrunner".

On March 11, CBS continued the story with a report of the testimony of US Attorney General Eric Holder where is bravely declares that the practice of "Gun Walking" must stop. Gun Walking is the phrase that has come about since Agent Terry's murder and refers to the gun monitored in Project Gunrunner that were allowed to "walk" into Mexico and then return as weapons of murder.

Yesterday, CBS Investigative Reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, continued her coverage of this scandal with an excellent summary of where we are now with this case titles "Justice Memo to Self: No Gunwalking Allowed".  In this story she unveils a DOJ memo that reads in part, "We should not design or conduct undercover operations which include guns crossing the border. If we have knowledge that guns are about to cross the border, we must take immediate action to stop the firearms from crossing the border, even if that prematurely terminates or otherwise jeopardizes an investigation."

What!?  Talk about closing the barn door after the cows have already escaped! 

So...  We have identified and confirmed what happened. AG Holder says it won't happen again... But where is the justice from Justice? Who will be held accountable for the murder of Agent Brian Terry? Three of the four captured suspects have been released and deported. Why?  No one has of yet been charged in the murder of Brian Terry. Why?

The DOJ itself was knee deep in the cover-up of this story until Sen. Grassley presented AG Holder with proof that he had the goods on this case.  Will Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich be fired, or even prosecuted for lying to Sen. Grassley about the ATF's involvement in Agent Terry's death? Should DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano be fired for her incompetence in the management of DHS and the ATF which falls under her authority? How do we get justice in this case?

Thank you to CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson for helping to bring this case the national spotlight it deserves.  Not sure why it took a "news agency" so long to discover the news, but I am happy to welcome you to the table.

A sincere thank you to Sen. Grassley for staying on top of this case and forcing the DOJ to admit what was happening and to Congressman Lamar Smith and the the House Judiciary Committee he chairs for its efforts to shine the light of truth on this case.

Brian Terry has already paid for this bungling bureaucracy with his life. Now that we know what has happened, who will give his family justice?


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for keeping this story alive on here, i am sure there are PLENTY of phony republican types who have as their main priority in life, to keep the border open in a misguided attempt to bribe 'future' hispanic voters, and to keep the cheap labor gravy train going.....learning that OUR OWN agents are instructed by OUR OWN government to carry bean bag rounds to go up against mexican gun runners, gang-bangers, thugs and drug-runners is beyond human comprehension....the greed of businesses and the promise of waves of freshly minted 'hispanic' voters is what allows the insanity of situations like the way, a rather large group of us are still working behind the scenes on opening up this story, we won't forget

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