Big Spending Dems Refuse GOP Compromise on Unemployment Benefits...Then They Go On Vacation

Yesterday Tom Donelson wrote an article for Texas GOP Vote highlighting the folly of the old school Keynesian economic model where, in a recession, the Government increases spending in order to stimulate the economy. Donelson compares the United States' current Big Deficit path to the European Welfare State model. Donelson notes that the Europeans have realized that running a deficit to get out a recession is like advising someone to drink until they're sober.


Add another example to the list of how the Dems Just Don't Get It - Unemployment Benefits. For weeks Congressional Democrats have been trying to paint a picture for the American people. According to Dems, The GOP is insensitive to the plight of the unemployed.


According to The Washington Examiner the House passed an unemployment extension bill late Thursday night. However, the bill that was introduced in the Senate, which would have added $33 billion to the $1.3 trillion deficit, came up a vote short. Republicans refused (with the exception of the two Republican Senators from Maine) to support any bill that added to the deficit. Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (KY) offered a compromise which would have extended the benefits for two months as long as the bill could be offset with other funds. Majority Leader Harry Reid refused this compromise.


Afterward Senator McConnell went on record stating "The only reason the unemployment extension hasn't passed is because Democrats simply refuse to pass a bill that doesn't add to the debt," McConnell said. "That's it. That's the only difference between what they've offered and what we've offered."


That is so cruel of the GOP - Just like the Dems said! What's really cruel is that Congressional Democrats refuse to accept a Republican compromise which would not have added $33 billion to the deficit simply so they could continue to paint the GOP as heartless. Then the Dems go on vacation for the Fourth of July leaving the nation's unemployed in limbo.


As Tom Donelson wrote yesterday "The leftist mantra was 'eliminate spending restraint, raise taxes and who cares about sound money.'"


In reference to the recently released June unemployment numbers, Senator John Cornyn said "The President’s tax-and-spend stimulus strategy clearly isn’t working—nearly 700,000 Americans became so discouraged last month they left the workforce altogether.  Every Washington power grab is creating more uncertainty for investors and job creators, and leaving more families without a paycheck."


Clearly the Dems still believe that we're going to spend our way out of this recession...who cares about paying the bills, we can always print more cash, right?


Hey Texas GOP Vote, why is it that unemployment was never paid for regardless who was in charge, Dems or Reps..........but now you seem to want to pay for it.................Why don't you call George and ask him where the billions and billions of dollars are for the two wars we spent..................Yeah Mission Accomplished in 2003..............Just shows how stupid some back ass red necks are !!!!!!!!!!

WHO GOT THE ECONOMY IN THIS POSITION IN THE FIRST PLACE.  BUSH AND HIS CREW OF GREEDY,SELFISH,UNCARING,REPUBLICANS. HEHAD EIGHT YEARS TO DESTROY THE US ECONOMY DO YOU THINK IT CAN BE FIXED IN A YEAR? and we still have to deal with the republicans fighting any new chances of recovery they ought to be ashame of them selves instead of helping to get this economy back on tract they are hendering any possible chance of US coming out of this recession.  Instead of all the energy they use to try and make the democrates look bad use that energy to create jobs and get the banks in line. OH I FORGOT THEY ARE TO GREEDY TO DO THAT.

Regardless of who you think is to blame, our government abandoned us. Both Democrats and Republicans went on VACATION while hard working, down on their luck people like myself are being kicked out of our homes and apartments and going hungry. I haven't received a check since June 5th and thank God every day that I don't have any children as it would be heartbreaking to have to do this to them.


So why spend a month determining IF we are going to take care of America's own citizens? This issue has gotten next to no coverage on local and national news shows and its a shame. Is no one else outraged that BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS went on a week long vacation while millions were in need of help? Are they trying to tell us to "eat cake"? Because if they are, Americans CAN'T and WON'T stand for inaction.

You are an idiot i will agree bush did not do very well but obama has increased our debt by 10 fold, people are still losing their houses, unemployment is at 9.6 %, obama is going to give 1.2 billion a year for the next 5 years to Packistan, where are all these jobs he promised, there is 50 billion alloted for helping people with thier houses and only 238 million has been spent to help out What the hell is going on in are government.
Look up ACORN look up Van Jones Look up obama's spiritial mentor.
They are all socialist.


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