Are You Excited For November?

The following was sent in from Bryan Underwood for Congress:

Are you excited about the November election?

Gallup released a poll this week that showed 56% of conservative independents and Republicans are more enthusiastic than usual about this year's election.

This is the highest this poll has ever been and it is no mystery why conservatives are ready to vote...

...Americans deserve better leadership in Washington, DC.

In the race to represent South Texas in Congress voters have a choice between a pawn of the Obama/Pelosi Agenda and a common sense conservative who understands we can't spend our way out of debt.

The Pelosi pawn is incumbent Democrat Henry Cuellar.

Mr. Cuellar begins each session of Congress by voting to elect San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. Mr. Cuellar voted in favor of Obamacare which increases taxes, decreases the quality of health care, drives our country DEEPLY into debt and for the first time ever forces Americans to purchase a product or pay a tax penalty. Mr. Cuellar voted in favor of Cap and Tax which will destroy 1000's of Texas jobs, hurt families and dramatically increase the cost of gasoline, groceries, and electricity to cool your home. In fact, Mr. Cuellar has voted with Nancy Pelosi over 90% of the time.

The Choice for South Texas:

The only choice for Congress is Bryan Underwood.

Bryan is a common sense conservative, small business owner, family man and community volunteer who dearly loves the American Dream and wants to protect it for this and future generations.

Like many others, he is concerned with the direction in which our country is heading and wants to make it right.

With the urging of friends and family Bryan agreed to run for Congress with the hope that he may be able to serve the citizens of South Texas.

Bryan's campaign platform includes:

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare 
  • Budget and Spending Reform 
  • Reduce Taxes 
  • Defeat Cap and Tax 
  • Protect and Defend the Constitution 
  • A Strong National Security and Secure Borders 
  • Protect Life from Conception to Natural Death

South Texas deserves a Congressman who shares its values and not Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco values. South Texas deserves Bryan Underwood.


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