Are the Democrats Digging Their Own Grave? - Part 3

Texas GOP Vote has started compiling a list of evidence showing how the Democats are isolating groups of voters. This list continues from "Are the Democrats Digging Their Own Grave? - Part 2." 

President Obama said he would bring change to America, and so far it looks like this is the only promise he has been able to keep. While it can only have been expected that we Republicans would be infuriated by this government overtake, the Democrats in Congress are really starting to dig their own grave by isolating more and more groups- some of which include people that would have most likely voted Democrat in the next election.

The Democrats are isolating groups of voters by:

#5 - Alienating right-to-life advocates

Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee amended their party’s health-care reform proposal to require that every region in the U.S. have at least one abortion-providing health insurer.
House Republicans quickly pounced on the legislation, in which, a statement of theirs said, “would allow for immediate federal funding of elective abortion coverage through the public plan [and] permit taxpayer subsidies of private plans that cover elective abortion.”

#6 Going against the core values of the ACLU and ACLJ

White House Democrats angered both the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) with their "government-controls-and-runs-everything" mentality.

The White House's recent Orwellian "fishy" dissident reporting and data gathering initiative, recently dismantled thanks to the efforts of Senator John Cornyn, certainly goes against these groups' core values and has drawn the ire of ACLU and ACLJ officials. Speaking out against the reporting program, the ACLU recently explained:

Critics of the administration’s health care proposal should not have to fear that their names will end up in some government database that could be used to chill their right to free speech.

While the Democrats continue to tread over more and more voters, it is time for the Republican Party to take leadership and gain back the power that will enable us to live in the place that we proudly call America!

As we speak, the Democrats are probably conjuring up even more socialist schemes and disconcerting broken promises. Stay tuned for future posts as Texas GOP Vote continues to add to this list with more evidence of how the Democrats are progressively digging their own graves.



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