Are the Democrats Digging Their Own Grave? - Part 1

Obama said he would bring change to America, and so far it looks like this is the only promise he has been able to keep. While it could only have been expected that we Republicans would be infuriated by this government overtake, the Democrats in Congress are really starting to dig their own grave by isolating more and more groups- some of which include people that would have most likely voted Democratic in the next election.

The Democrats are isolating groups of voters by:

#1 - Overlooking seniors with their attempts at healthcare overhaul

Obama is talking about finding hundreds of billions in savings from Medicare — cuts supporters say will trim fat from the program — including slashing $156 billion in subsidies to Medicare Advantage, a privately administered Medicare program.

Can Obama really look into “the faces of older Americans who paid into Medicare most of their working lives and are now enjoying the health care benefits they believe they’ve earned for their senior years,” and expect their approval? And what about the healthcare bill’s call for death panels? While “seniors are one of the most attentive and engaged constituencies,” Obama is by no means doing a good job on trying to keep their support!

#2 - Undermining our law enforcement officers

The recent uncalled for and uninformed comments by President Obama that although "he doesn't know the facts, but the police acted stupidly” in the Professor Gates case in Cambridge, Massachusetts demonstrates his arrogance and lack of respect for our hard-working law-enforcers.

Do the police not already have enough people making “uncalled for” decisions to deal with?!?

With the Democrats continuing to tread over more and more voters, it is time for the Republican Party to take leadership and gain back the power that will enable us to live in the place that we once liked to call America!

As we speak, the Democrats are probably conjuring up even more socialistic schemes and disconcerted broken promises! Stay tuned for future posts as we continue to add to this list with more evidence of how the Democrats are progressively digging their own graves.


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