Will Rick Perry's Memory Gaffe in Debate take him from Collapse to Presidential Contender?

Some thought that Rick Perry's Presidential Campaign was over with after Perry, during a debate, could not remember the third Federal agency that he would shut down if he became President.

Perry's face was all over the news after that lapse in memory.

That was possibly the best thing that could have happened to Perry.

People had started to forget about Perry in the midst of the Cain Controversy and after Perry's less than stellar debate performances.

Well, Perry is no longer in the back of the news headlines. Now he is at the front of the news and everyone is hearing about Perry. Sure, they are hearing about Perry in a negative light at first, but they are hearing his name and that kind of publicity is an important first step. The next thing they will do is search his name and try to find out why everyone is talking about Perry messing up.

What they will find is that Perry is not the best debater, but while they are searching his name is when they will also see Perry's record of creating jobs and promoting business and standing for conservative, American values.

Next they will see him on all the morning shows talking about the mistake. They will see a human who, just like everyone else, makes simple mistakes. They will see a very likeable person. They will get to hear what Perry stands for and will get to hear about Perry's outstanding record and leadership.

At this point in the campaign, no one has become the frontrunner. It is all a big mess. At first, everyone wanted to find that superhero candidate. They quickly lost interest in anyone who made any simple mistake or anyone who did not perform well in the initial debates.

Well, now that no superhero has come forth and it is clear there are no "perfect" candidates, the voters are just going to have to start looking at the more important details like past decisions, voting records and the proven ability of candidates. Perry certainly has a strong proven record of leadership, understanding of smaller Federal Government, job creation and conservative principles.

This publicity, plus the millions of dollars in ads he will be unleashing, will bring him back into the Republican Presidential race. As the other candidates start dropping out, people will look to the “anybody but Romney Republican candidate” and Perry will certainly take many of those votes.

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