Texas Republicans Suing Democrat Party Over Polling Location Law Violations Including NAACP Takeover

UPDATE:  The Harris County Republican Party won its lawsuit filed by Rep. County Attorney Candidate Robert Talton on behalf of the Party.  Talton serves as legal counsel for the party.  The judge granted the TRO requested by the Party within about three hours.

Early today TexasGOPVote posted a story by Brandon Darby about the abuses taking place by Democrat Election Officials in Harris County, Texas. The violations included a near take-over of a polling location by members of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Incidents were so blatant that the NAACP members were actually moving people forward in line to vote ahead of other voters. 

HCRP Chairman Jared WoodfillHarris County Republican Party (HCRP) Chairman, Jared Woodfill, announced the lawsuit today. Following is a statement from Woodfill and the HCRP:

Texas law is clear in how elections are operated. We, the Harris County Republican Party, have filed a lawsuit today against the Harris County Democratic Party because of their blatant disregard for Texas election law.

We have evidence that the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Harris County instructed his election judges to violate Texas law. In Texas, we allow for bipartisan election workers at each polling location across the state. These positions include the election judge from one political party, the alternate judge from the opposite party, and multiple clerks who are selected by the election judge. Texas law states that the election judge MUST select one clerk from a list of names the opposite party offers. The Democratic Party in Harris County defiantly refused Republicans' right to a clerk and also refused the Harris County Clerk when follow-up attempts were made.

In addition, we have seen the reports that many of you saw on Townhall.com, the Drudge Report, and local media regarding events at the Acres Homes polling location on Friday and the inappropriate behavior by the NAACP. Any means of pushing a candidate or issue within the boundaries of the polling site violates Texas law. It is a well-known and enforced law; therefore, there is little excuse for the NAACP regarding this behavior. Harris County has measures in place to assist voters who have difficulty standing and the NAACP should not cherry-pick which voters deserve to go first. Harris County runs the election process, not the NAACP. If the NAACP plans to have people around the polls, they should properly train them on what is legal and appropriate behavior just as the rest of us do with our workers. We urge the County Attorney Vince Ryan (D) to take appropriate action.

The Harris County Republican Party is closely monitoring the elections and taking appropriate actions regarding each issue that arises. We will have a team of skilled attorneys to respond to issues throughout Tuesday with a dedicated Hotline: 877-854-1344 and at the state level (254) 300-VOTE(8683)

County Attorney Vince RyanThe statement mentions Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan. Ryan, a Democrat, has a legendary reputation for ignoring the law when it comes to Democrat elected officials, Democrat candidates and organizations. He is supposed to be an unbiased arbitrator of the law in ensuring fair and free elections. Numerous investigations into his office have been conducted into his office and ethics as reported earlier this month here on TexasGOPVote (click link for story).

I spoke with Republican candidate for County Attorney, Robert Talton, earlier today. Talton said, "This is why I ran for this office.  The County Attorney's office has again come down on the side of wrongdoers because it deals with people of his party." Talton represented the Party in the lawsuit and won the injunction against the Democrats in very short order.

The phrase "elections have consequences" is greatly over-used.  But this is a perfect example.  We count on our elected officials to enforce the law.  But for years, we have seen Democrats will simply ignore the law when it comes to moving their agenda forward.  Democrat County Attorney Vince Ryan should have resolve this issue, but he was far too busy parading around Friday with Democrat Get-Out-the-Vote groups.

County Attorney Vince Ryan marching with Democrat GOTV groups

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan Marching with Democrat "Occupiers" instead of ensuring true and fair elections! (Photo Courtesy of David Jennings, BigJollyPolitics.com)

We know the Democrats are cheating in this election. Organizations like True the Vote are working hard to stop it or slow it down.  But without the backing of legal authorities like the County Attorney or the Sheriff, there is little they can do.  We must come out in overwhelming numbers to vote in order to offset the cheating being done by the Democrats.  This is not only here in Harris County, but all across Texas and our nation.

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