Texas House Redistricting Committee Releases Proposed Map for Texas House of Representatives – See New Map Here!

State Rep. Burt Solomons, Chairman of the Texas House Redistricting Committee, has been working hard on drawing up the new lines for the Texas House of Representatives.

Well his committee’s new proposed map is finally out.

See for yourself how your district will be changed if this proposed map is approved:

Go to http://gis1.tlc.state.tx.us/ then use the drop down menu in the upper left-hand side marked "Select Plans" to bring up a pop-up window titled "Select Base Plan". From that window, scroll down to see the proposed map titled "PLANH113 - Rep. Solomons Statewide House Proposal".

So what do you think about the new map? It is probably too soon to really understand the new map but as the days go by I am sure we will get lots of comments for and against the new map.

The proposed map has only been out for a few hours and we have already had some comments about it. Here is what some people are saying about the new proposed map:

One blogger says the House redistricting map would carve new minority district out of southeast Arlington.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri supports the proposed map and, among other things, had this to say about the proposed map :

“…the map pairs seven sets of Republicans. While this is not an ideal situation for either our party or the elected representatives who are paired, I am convinced that because of the changes in population that it is impossible to draw a new map that maintains a Republican majority and at the same time is legal and fair, without such pairings.”


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