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Texas Lt. Governor Moving Gun Legislation Forward

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick referred the Campus Carry Bill to the Senate State Affairs Committee on Wednesday. The move comes one day following what has been seen by some as a contradictory statement about open carry legislation.   Read more »

at Jan 29, 2015 3:34 PM

Congressman Smith Questions Companies’ Access to

Following news reports last week that as many as 50 data mining companies were provided direct access to monitor information entered on the website, I sent several letters seeking an explanation.

Access to was apparently provided with permission and even encouragement from the federal government to companies who profit from gathering and selling personal information.   Read more »

at Jan 29, 2015 1:18 PM

PLANNED PARENTHOOD Targets the Hispanic Community in San Antonio and America

The Right to Life Rally was held in San Antonio on Sunday, January 25, in downtown at Milan Park. Mary Thomas from the San Antonio Right to Life directed the annual event. There were several noted speakers including Carol Everett, founder of the Heidi Group.

San Antonians make a common mistake that there is only one abortion clinic in operation when in reality there are a total of three killing clinics in operation with a Planned Parenthood mega abortion complex under construction.   Read more »

at Jan 29, 2015 9:05 AM

How to Handle New Changed Identity Scenarios

What should an employer do when an employee named “Juan” comes in one day and provides a new Social Security card and driver’s license indicating that he is actually “Carlos?” Companies will face name change dilemmas as a result of President Obama’s Executive Action. It will have wide-ranging effects throughout the business community.   Read more »

at Jan 28, 2015 5:13 PM

The President Earns Three Pinocchios

"Our diplomacy is at work with respect to Iran where, for the first time in a decade, we have halted the progress of its nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear material."

This absurd claim by the President last week earned him three Pinocchios from The Washington Post. Many disagree with the President, including a former International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, official, who says:   Read more »

at Jan 28, 2015 2:43 PM

Chairman Smith Reflects on NASA’s Day of Remembrance

Today is NASA’s Day of Remembrance, which was set aside following the Columbia disaster to honor the lives of those lost from Apollo 1, Columbia, and Challenger.

Our nation has seen moments of both triumph and tragedy in our space exploration endeavors over the last 50 years. Today, we pay our respects to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of scientific discovery and advancement.

at Jan 28, 2015 1:48 PM

Learning How to Better Secure Our Border

Last weekend, 18 of my House colleagues and I toured our Southern Border. We heard success stories about interagency cooperation in the San Diego section, the frustration of ranchers in Arizona, and concerns about another seasonal surge of unaccompanied children in the Rio Grande. It’s abundantly clear that our border patrol needs help. They need more technology and more manpower.   Read more »

at Jan 28, 2015 8:54 AM

Valentines for Vets: Sam Johnson Encourages Area School Participation

To coincide with the National Salute to Veterans Week (February 9-15th), I am organizing my annual “Valentines for Vets” outreach program. Teachers and students in Collin County are encouraged to create Valentines that will be picked up by staff during the week of February 1st. I will then hand-deliver the heart-felt messages to veterans at the Dallas VA Medical Center.   Read more »

at Jan 27, 2015 5:04 PM

During Super Bowl Week, Cornyn Calls for Senate Action to Fight Human Trafficking

When many people hear about human trafficking, you think about something that doesn't happen here in America; it happens somewhere else.

You might envision brothels in foreign cities or girls being smuggled across other borders, but the sad reality is, human trafficking is a problem all across the United States and at all times of the year.   Read more »

at Jan 27, 2015 4:25 PM

Governor Abbott's Local Control Misstep

Local control versus centralized control has long been a dividing line between the left and the right for ages. In fact, the Federalists that wrote the US Constitution were implicit that they wanted a system of government that was decentralized, putting the power with the people, not in some far off capitol.   Read more »

at Jan 27, 2015 12:12 PM


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