Welcome Back To Earth Mr. President

The President's world of ease and privilege is at last, after along honeymoon, evaporating based on his performance. The President is not a happy camper as his approval numbers come back to earth. The economy is not recovering like he thought it would, unemployment is rising, and the Democratic insiders at Goldman Sachs that were bailed out last fall are now raking it in.

It appears that, like President Clinton, healthcare will be the start of Obama's political problems and foreign policy will humble him. What is so interesting is these are unforced errors brought on by his pandering to the far left in both instances, and is, in both, cases out of step with the vast majority of Americans.

The Congressional Budget Office Director, Douglas Elmendorf, a democrat, threw cold water on the medical plans going forward in Congress. He basically said they are not affordable. I would add that these proposals are not the answer to what is wrong with the medical system in America.

As for the foreign policy, there already have been quite a few disasters. But the third rail for Obama is the United State's relationship with Israel. Obama's pressure on Israel to make more unilateral concessions is not helpful in achieving a peace with security, nor does it encourage even the so called "moderates" to do much of anything to advance peace. In fact, the President's approach results in Hamas refusing to talk, refusing to make the milestones of the road map plan and to wait for more U.S. pressure on Israel resulting in more unreciprocated benefits to the Palestinians.


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