Shame On You Conservative Leaders, Money Bags, Talk Show Hosts and Consultants For Blowing an Unbelievable Opportunity!

Kudos to Roy Morales and his staff and committed supporters such as, Norm Adams, the Hotze family, Lauro Garza, Orlando Sanchez, Clymer Wright, Dave Wilson et al. What Roy did bordered on the miraculous. Imagine, with a shoestring budget, he came within two percentage points of Peter Brown, who spent millions!

But the vast majority of conservative leaders, money bags, radio talk show hosts, and consultants, from Houston to the state and to the national levels, should hang their heads in collective shame. They were as close to being inanimate objects as humans can be.

That is tragic. Because they had a wonderful opportunity to actually walk the walk for a change and elect a conservative Hispanic and bring Hispanics under the conservative tent. Just think what a tremendous national story that would have been to elect a conservative Hispanic mayor in the country's fourth largest city.

And for whatever reasons, the conservative leaders, money bags, radio talk show hosts and consultants declined to spread the word and take action on the biggest story of all. That is the fact that the City of Houston is financially broke after incurring operating losses totaling $1.5 BILLION over the reported last five fiscal years.

I gave all of the named so called conservatives the story in depth. But instead they sucked up to Bob Lanier and Bill White and signed on with Gene Locke.

That $1.5 BILLION story could have been hung around the necks of Annise Parker, Peter Brown and all three city controller candidates, as well as all incumbent city council members. Conservatives could have taken over city hall en masse.

What a sorry crying shame.



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