Texas Contractor Leaves Job after Discovering it was Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

Talk about standing for what you believe. That is what one Texas Contractor has done, even if it meant losing money.

A Planned Parenthood abortion mill is currently being built in Fort Worth, TX. No one knew what was being built, not even the construction workers. When word got out that they were building an abortion facility, at least one contractor left the job right before he was to pour the concrete, and also left behind a good chunk of change in a rough economy.

It is good to see that not everyone is willing to sell out. This contractor stood for his religious beliefs and did not want to be a part of killing innocent babies no matter how much money he would be gaining if he stayed on the job.

Shame on Planned Parenthood for trying to keep the construction workers from knowing what their hard work would be going toward. Shame on them for also building this facility right beside an adoption facility that offers hope for children instead of sentencing them to death.

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