Texas Alliance for Life to Present "Courageous Defense of Life" Award to State Senator Charles Perry

Texas Alliance for Life will present Texas State Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) with its "Courageous Defense of Life" award in Lubbock County on Tuesday, December 1, at the Lubbock County Republican Party Executive Committee Meeting. Texas Alliance for Life's president Davida Stike will present the award. State Senator

Senator Perry played significant roles in helping to achieve a highly successful session during the 84th Legislature that concluded on June 1. Perry sponsored HB 3994 in the Senate, which reformed the judicial bypass process to protect parents' rights as well as pregnant minors from abortion.

"It is very important to protect the sanctity of life, and it was my honor to sponsor and vote for numerous pro-life bills during the legislative session. We must fight to protect life now more than ever and I want to thank Texas Alliance for Life for working with my office this session to pass important pro-life legislation," said Senator Perry.

We are extremely grateful to Senator Perry. Along with Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Speaker Joe Straus, Senator Perry played a critical role in successfully promoting HB 3994 and other pro-life legislation that continues the substantial gains of previous legislative sessions.

A summary of the pro-life successes is given here. The successes include continued defunding of Planned Parenthood, passing five major pro-life bills, increasing funding for compassionate alternatives to abortion, and numerous other pro-life provisions in the Appropriations Act. A complete list of the 14 awardees is given here.


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