Liberal Tactics - How Pelosi Waters Dem Plants

It may be helpful for conservatives who care about acting for what is right to observe the tactics that liberal democrats have started using in recent townhall meetings to portray healthcare reform opponents as Nazis and extremists.

This August 12, 2009 post on theblogprof,

BUSTED!: "Obama As Hitler" Poster Was A Democrat/Union Plant At John Dingell Townhall! UPDATED with video interview!

shows Nancy Pelosi watering democratic/union plants at the August 6 Dingell townhall meeting on healthcare reform.

What is watering the plants? It turns out that democratic union members were planted at the meeting ahead of time with the "Ive Changed" posters portraying Obama with a Hitler mustache. Then, in a media interview at the meeting, the reporter asks Nancy Pelosi if there is "legitimate grassroots opposition" to healthcare reform, and she replies that no, "theyre astroturf" and "theyre carrying swastikas and symbols like that"!

Who is the "they" that Nancy Pelosi is talking about? "They" are the liberal democrats who are carrying the posters of Obama as Hitler in an attempt to portray healthcare reform opposition as astro-turfing extremists!

Lets learn from this example to better keep our eyes open for more liberal democratic union fabricated tricks as the fall legislative season starts!


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