Are you sick and tired of Congress avoiding immigration reform?

When I get a phone call from a media source saying they want to interview me, I know they have “program time” to fill. And as a participant, I am the “filler.” I never turn them down, but I am seldom optimistic about the results.

CNN called me last week and said they wanted me to talk about immigration. I am amazed how many people watched it. Best part, no far!

Please watch it.

If you want to encourage Congress to address immigration reform, click on this link and send a fax to every member of our Texas Congressional Delegation. All you need to do is put in your name, zip, and email. The website will deliver the faxes. No cost to you!

Your individual faxes will mean a lot to our elected legislators. Pray for God to give them the courage to lead on immigration reform!

God bless you!

Partial transcript from the interview:

Carol Costello: All of these children are causing enormous hardships especially in states like Texas and Arizona. One lawmaker suggested that we just put these children on a bus and send them right back to where they came from. Is that the answer?

Norman Adams: As far as the latest influx, where it’s obvious that someone in Central or South America is behind it, we’ve given the wrong impression. They believe and they’ve been told, they can come here unrestricted and we’ll welcome them with open arms. As much as I would like to do that from a humanitarian standpoint, we cannot do that. We have to send a firm message back to those countries and we have to educate those folks that you can’t just walk in here.

The problem we have, and we continue to face this, the longer we kick the can down the road on sensible or practical immigration reform, the longer folks like Gaby have a dilemma that you can’t solve, and the longer there’s no system for people to come here legally. We have no system because our immigration laws are broken, and we have to completely overhaul the system. As far as the young folks that have been dumped at the border, we’re going to have to make a firm stand. Certainly, we have to take care of them why they’re here, but we have to send them home. We have no choice. That’s not part of an immigration reform.

Carol Costello: How do we do that though? They have to appear at a hearing. Some of the kids have to go to special counseling beforehand to see if they’re going to go back to abusive situations and things like that. Is it just a matter of time? Should the laws be changed? Should they be stronger when it comes to these kids and sending them back?

Norman Adams: I think the law is clear. They’ve come in illegally, and there’s no quick solution. It’s going to take years to get these children replaced in a humanitarian basis, but we will do that. America is not going to drive a bus across a border and kick these children out. We can’t do that. The big picture is for folks like Gaby. How many people say to you, “I don’t mind you being here; I just want you to get legal.” Well Gaby’s only solution, under our current law, is to return to her home country where she has no family or income, sit there for 10 years and then get in a line that is 5-8 years long. That’s no solution. So Gaby, like the 11-12 million others, would rather stay here and live in the shadows, and we have got to fix that. We have got the have immigration reform that has a method of legalization. We don’t have to have any shortcut to citizenship. We don’t even have to have a guaranteed path. Frankly, I think we have to give them the eventual ability for citizenship, or we create a second class citizen. These are great folks. Gaby has proved this. We don’t want these folks to go home. WE need to ID them and tax them and let them live freely in this country, go and travel as they may, and not be worried about being deported every day of the week.


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