Immigration and Demographics

Now I'm not an anti-immigration leg-biter- I think immigration should be screened, ordered, and legal. The most hideous thing in the 2008 Republican presidential nomination campaign was Tom Tancredo calling for a moratorium on LEGAL immigration!

Tancredo really seems like a decent guy, but that idea is foolish! We need Hispanic labor to at least somewhat offset globally burgeoning labor markets, which are already abundant in parts of Europe and Asia: hopefully we can largely assimilate rather than succumb.The "comprehensive immigration bill" called for sealing the border of illegal immigration. After it failed, John McCain said, "I get it. The American people don't believe us."

I certainly didn't. I'm supposed to believe that the government didn't enforce the law as it was, but that after this new law, they will?!? Really? Neither do I believe that once government has a sticky hand in health care that it will easily withdraw it.  Sheesh!

I have referenced the need for the United States to encourage Hispanic immigration and facilitate the assimilation in that population to the ideals of liberty. People who call themselves “conservative” are literally WASTING time and effort being distraught about Hispanic immigration, when there are infinitely larger fish to fry in terms of domestic and global demography.

Domestically, our problem is not Hispanic immigration, which we need to legitimatize (screen, process, and legalize). The problem is the liberalism that they and other populations may become infected with as, frankly, so many Europeans and Americans already are infected. It would be in our best interest to make it a point to encourage the values of liberty and conservativism in a Hispanic population that is expanding. To do otherwise and is to spit into the wind and will eventuate in us unnecessarily shaking our fists in the air at potential ally “A” while we are buried by population “B.”


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