If I Told You, Would You Have Believed?

An American Thinker article by Brian Sussman analyzes a question premised on the radio, "If I had told you that within the first 200 days of Barack Obama's presidency...?" from which a list of political atrocities begins.

There is more than enough material to fill a second article here. But to me, what most transparently reflected Obama’s errant instinct, was when the Iranians conducted a fraudulent election, declaring an illegitimate winner, and people protested in the streets and faced brutal repression. Furthermore, Obama said that he didn’t want to “meddle” in another government’s affairs. And THEN, within a week, when a leftist Honduran president tried to defy the nation’s constitution to stay in power, its Supreme Court ordered a military removal of the man from office to be replaced with a member of his own party, most all of which supported the action. Additionally, Obama lines up with Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Castros, to condemn “a militaty coup,” and call for the president’s reinstatement (not meddling, of course).

In that week, Obama displayed that he is utterly incapable of confronting a rogue, repressive, and dangerous regime like Iran’s, and then that in the face of a leftist agenda, constitutions are at best, pesky obstacles to be circumvented. That pretty well illuminates his parade of unconstitutional actions and leads one to wonder how he might deal with a constitutionally mandated relinquishment of power in this country. When that day approaches, as with the bailouts and this year’s unprecedented avalanche, (literally burying America in debt) will it comprise the necessary justification? Stay tuned.


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