Half a Billion Dollars Spent, Fifty-Four Jobs Created

The New York Post reported today that

The feds have spent a half-billion dollars on 10 of the largest government stimulus contracts in New York City and Long Island- but created or retained only 54 jobs.

Ladies and gentleman do the math... this amounts to a cost of 9 million dollars per job! Some prominent sources of waste include:

  •  $261 million was given to Brookhaven National Laboratory. Only 26 people were given jobs.
  • $46 million was given to update the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in Manhattan. Not a single person was given a job.
  • $53 million was given to fix a Brooklyn post office. This has created 1/3 of a job.
  • $5.5 million was given to a federal courthouse for a plumbing contract.This has not created any jobs.

Nationally, 30,000 jobs were created by $16 billion in contracts.

How can this possibly make sense to anyone let alone elected officials
who have to report to their constituents?!

Its hard to comprehend just how large billions of dollars is. Here is a video to help understand its enormity!



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