Trump Derangement - Why?

There has been an unbelievable amount of anguish over Trump being elected as our president — Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  It has been suggested that the cause of all this angst is the fact that the election was rigged, he’s evil, he’s the worst president in U.S. history, etc.

However there is another way to look at our current situation.  He’s destroying decades of ‘progress’.  Not the sort of progress that most of us would think, but socialist progress toward a socialist society right here in America.  The Left has made tremendous progress toward its goals since the early 1900’s.  Now, this destroyer of all ‘good things’ comes along and turns the entire program of the Left on its heels in just a few months!  He must have the help of Satan’s assistance in order to be so successful!  Right?

Given our current economy, job numbers, incomes rising, and the spirit of most reasonable Americans, is it any wonder that Trump’s efforts are being fueled by that positive spirit?  Is it a surprise that Americans are not only happy, but elated by our current situation in this country?  Can you imagine how things will be two years from now if Trump continues with his progress toward a nation of ‘greatness’?

Well, just imagine this.  If the TDS people are crazy now, imagine what they’ll be like two years from now if our progress toward a healthier economy continues.  Answer, worse!!  If the above conjecture is true, it only stands to reason that the Left will become not only more outspoken and critical, but much more dangerous.  Antifa is merely the beginning.

We are now in a cold civil war — between the extreme Left and right thinking Americans.  If Trump’s success continues, we should expect more radical behavior out of the Left.  Physical violence could easily become a standard.  The anarchists will stop throwing ‘dung’ and replace it with fire.  Destruction could become more common place.  And as the younger generation continues to swallow the nonsense that the Left feeds them, they will join the ranks of those crazies.

So if true, who does this leave to keeping our country on a positive track?  Uhhh, that would be you!  If not, who else?

If you want to make a difference, at least share these perspectives with others and VOTE!!

The majority of American citizens aren’t even aware of what is going on in this country.  As we all should know by now, the media has been consumed with Leftist propaganda feeding the American public lies and confusion.   You can help with educating them by sharing this knowledge with those who are either misguided or filled with hate.  It only takes a little motivation and guts to make a difference.  The alternative is to allow this country to slip through our fingers and live in fear and potentially lose what you have had your entire life up until now.

But hey, not to worry, this is only the ravings of a pessimist who has studied history for a few decades.  Relax.  Successful countries in history haven’t ever gone into a depressed state over this sort of situation — Venezuela?  Everything is going to be just fine. . .   right?


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