Success: DHS Caves to Request

Recently, I discovered a new policy that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was using to protect details about terrorist attacks planned by non-citizens from being revealed.

After sounding the alarm bells, DHS caved on this policy and will now release the information!

This is a win for transparency and a further reminder of how vigilant we have to be to keep the Biden Administration in check. DHS responded, telling Homeland Security Republicans that they will back down from these requirements and set up the briefings for Committee members on the attempted terrorist plots by criminal non-citizens. 

I am grateful to Congressman John Katko and Congresswoman Mayra Flores for joining me in calling for the reversal of this ludicrous policy. 

We will continue to use any oversight tool at our disposal to hold this reckless administration accountable and we will not tolerate any attempts from DHS to stonewall Congress from conducting its Constitutionally-mandated responsibilities.

Watch more of our efforts by clicking here.


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