Reflections on a Return from India and Bhutan

It continues to amaze me, reading foreign newspapers, especially in Asia, that U.S. centric coverage is virtually nil. They are focused on their own countries, as they should be.

On return to the USA, I was somewhat surprised that the Democrats in the House of Representatives and its announced Presidential candidates were moving left as fast as possible. The priorities they have staked out would shock a Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton and even candidate Barack Obama.

Here are the shockers they are pushing that we observed: (1) Abortion up to birth, (2) Raise the top tax rate to 70% and increase the Social Security taxes to 6.5% for employees and employers (a 1.5 trillion dollar increase over 12 years), (3) Green New Deal - with major disruptions and dislocations of our current energy system and limiting beef use to boot, (4) Strongly oppose border security, (5) More free stuff - college, medical care regardless of your citizenship or status in the country, and (6) Socialism for all.

As a nation we have our challenges, but the kooky ideas these radicals have been proposing are scary, and must be sidelined and defeated. Democrats of course can reject these nutty ideas or face electoral defeat in 2020.


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