Pfluger Calls for Rep. Omar's Removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Friday, I signed a letter calling for the immediate removal of Representative Ilhan Omar from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs due to her anti-American, antisemitic, and bigoted statements and conduct, most recently likening the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban.

“Through her history of inflammatory, antisemitic, and subversive rhetoric, Representative Omar has repeatedly revealed her true beliefs which are counter to the example a Member of Congress must set,” we wrote.

In the letter, we detail several examples of Representative Omar’s engagement in hate speech, such as spewing violent anti-Israel rhetoric, engaging in antisemitism, minimizing the 9/11 attacks, and mocking American concern with al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, and most recently, likening the United States and Israel to terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Taliban.

The letter states, Despite the slew of hateful statements made by Representative Omar in the past, her most recent comments steep to a new low. Equating genocidal extremist groups with democracies like our own is a slap in the face to all victims of terror and millions of oppressed people who have found refuge in places like the United States and Israel. While Democratic leadership has scolded Representative Omar, we are long past the point of needing ‘clarification’ […] House Democratic leadership must take immediate and meaningful action to remove her from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. We consider anything less to be a form of complicity.”

Read the full text of the letter here.


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