ICYMI: Congressman Brady on the Sam Malone Show

ICYMI: Congressman I joined the Sam Malone Show on AM 1070 The Answer, where I discussed the next round of stimulus negotiations, President Trump’s recent Executive Orders, Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris, and how a Biden Presidency would hurt the economy.

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On the next stimulus negotiations: 

"The truth is the Democrat’s bill – what does marijuana banking, early release of criminals etc. what does that have to do with getting people back to work?

"It doesn’t, and now, they are insisting that we go on another three trillion dollar spending spree with none of it really helping either folks returning to their lives, or getting this economy back up and running...

Congress needs to make those tax cuts forgivable, make sure people can keep more of what they earn. Give all these essential workers a 6% pay raise starting now, and reward them for hanging in there. Man, our front-line workers, our essential workers, they’re exhausted. They haven’t had a day off since this whole thing started.

On President Trump’s Executive Orders: 

"When Congress is in a gridlock and we’re in the middle of this pandemic, [President Trump] has the authority through FEMA to provide help on unemployment, and he has the authority to defer payroll tax. So, I was really pleased the President acted."

On Kamala Harris: 

"In California, when the people know you best reject you for president, that always tell you. She does have one thing in common [with Biden] which is they both got four Pinocchio’s as misleading and nonsensical for their statements about our tax cuts. You know, both of them launched into ‘tax cuts for the wealthy’… they both got hammered for just misleading the American public. 

"For Texas, when you talk about defunding police or the new phrase ‘redirecting money’ it doesn’t matter, same answer, you make our communities less safe. She endorsed the Green New Deal, flip flopped on that. Medicare for all – which means in Texas, 21 million Texans will lose their healthcare coverage – will be a thing under Biden and Harris, and you’ll wait longer and pay more under a socialist healthcare system. 

"She hates Texas energy and our oil and gas workers, who by the way are just fighting to survive." 

On how a Biden Presidency would hurt the economy:

"We all remember the Obama Biden days; worst economic recovery in our lifetimes, people’s paychecks stagnant for decades, kids coming out of school with limited opportunities, and every week we went online or opened up the paper and saw another U.S. company moving overseas. 

"That all stopped under President Trump – but we would go back to those bad old days under Joe Biden. I just don’t think people are going to buy that. They just want some opportunities for their kids. They want safe communities. They want to keep more of what they earn. They want main street businesses, that they either go to or own themselves, to survive and prosper. None of that is going to happen under Biden or Harris. [harris] and Biden will put a stake through the heart of our economy if they get a shot – which is why we’re working hard to make sure they don’t.


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