A real rant about Michele Bachmann

It has been awhile since you last heard the krumbrucedailyrant. Mostly, the restraints of time were the main culprit but also in part, it was by the restraint of self. There have been numerous occasions that the rant was started and never finished. In part, it was from not wishing to add to the derision prevalent in the Conservative field and by not wishing to insult those that see the world differently. And there is a lot to divide us.

Let us start by saying, that with everyday that passes, our disdain for all politicians seems to grow. With all of them.

When the Republican sparring matches started, Michele Bachmann seemed to be a distant hope for someone different. That seems to be a hope dashed upon the rock of American politics now. She, as with most public office hopefuls has allowed her rhetoric to become half truths followed by distortions of the others in the field. All we seem to get from her is, “I am the mother of 5 children and 23 foster children.” Okay we got that Michele, we got that.

And while we are on her, she likes to bludgeon Gov. Rick Perry over and over again about not wanting a wall on the southern border of The United States. And not only her, but all the rest of the loud mouths in the GOP field except for Speaker Newt and Mr. Cain. But, more about Mr. Cain later.

Let your humble rantaholic pose this to you, the American masses. So many of us shout, “Build a fence, and build a wall, blau, blau blau… Is that what you really think is the answer to our problems? How about this?

Have any of you seen the news reports and videos of illegals climbing the huge curved topped, barbed wire laced fences at the US/Tijuana border? What about the videos of illegals climbing two fences and crossing a river in El Paso/Juarez? Well, it seems Michele is the winner. Building a 2000 mile fence will save the Republic. If a fence in Juarez and Tijuana doesn’t stop them, if a river on the southern border of Texas doesn’t stop them, if the almost impassable mountains in southern Arizona doesn’t stop them, and if the Atlantic Ocean between Cuba and Florida doesn’t stop them, why would a 2000 mile fence with hundreds of mile of open country and no posted guard houses stop them?

Let’s put it to Ms. Michele this way. Will she start by putting a fence across the border of Minnesota and Canada? Why not? It’s wide open and unguarded just as much as the southern border. Sure, Canadians aren’t streaming across the border taking the dishwashing, lawn mowing and ditch digging jobs that American’s are clamoring for, but it seems that history tells us that an actual terrorist was captured trying to cross the Canadian border into Washington State. Hummm?

Let’s also ask Michele Bachmann this, is she going to use the normal Washington, D.C. approach with the land owners in South Texas and condemn and confiscate their land to build the fence. Will she use Eminent Domain to steal the 100 year + family owned ranches? Will she steal 20 yards, 50 yards, 1000 yards of the ranch owner’s river bank property to build the fence? Will she take all of the private property and the constitutionally guaranteed rights that go along with it from the ranchers that have watered their live stock in the only water available for 10’s if not 100’s of miles in order to build “Her Fence”.

And what about the ranchers that don’t want to give their family heritage over to the Federal Leviathan that is our Republic’s government? Will she use the George W. Bush approach and designate them as unlawful combatants and enemies of the state and send them to Gitmo or Pakistan for Rendition? Or will she use the Bill Clinton/Janet Reno approach and send in the BATF and burn their houses and compounds down around them as in Waco, or will she have Geraldo Rivera do a fly over to draw fire in order to use the full force of the United States government to kill their dogs before using automatic weapons to shoot the ranchers and their wives in the back through a closed door? Or maybe, she will use the Barack Hussein Obama approach and just send a drone back and forth along the border and send Hellfire Missiles raining down on them?

That could never happen you say? Michele is a Tea Party Conservative you say? Well, that is what she says she is, but at the same time, she is advocating the federal theft of hundreds if not thousands of acres of privately owned property from American citizens. American citizens! Just like the American citizens referred to in the previous paragraph. Ya but…Ya but… you say.

If fences, a river, mountains and the Atlantic Ocean don’t keep people out, what makes us believe that by building more fences will? It is similar to Democrats and their stimulus spending. The Trillions they spent didn’t work so let’s spend trillions more. Right? If all of the private property stolen from private citizens in our Republic's past wasn’t enough, let’s steal more. Right?

Maybe it’s just because I know people that came here to our great nation as illegals. Maybe it’s because of those I know that worked their way legally through the completely screwed up system that is immigration. Maybe it’s because of those I know whose parents came as illegal aliens who grew up in America, did great in public schools, went to university and became successful because of this great land of ours that I see things differently from Ms. Michele.

I am about as conservative libertarian as I can be without slipping over the edge into libertarian la la land. I want just enough federal Government to make nice roads and to keep the wolves at bay. The States are where regulations and rules need to emanate from. Mostly because if at the state level, they have to live in the mess they made. Federal politicians don’t. They use us as their fatted calf to take more from themselves and to subjugate us under their huge federal thumb.

How conservative are you? Federal school loans. Unemployment for years on end. Welfare. PIC programs. Free school lunches. Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid. Farm and ranch subsidies. Federal money for schools. National Parks. All of these steal from some Americans and are given to others. How much freedom will you allow to be taken from others? How much freedom will you give up for your retirement check? “Well, I deserve it”, you say? Well, who can argue that? You deserve it!

Do Americans on the southern border deserve to be forced off their land for another federal boondoggle? Wouldn’t Border Patrolmen with the law on their side do more to stop the border crossings if they were allowed to do their jobs than a playground jungle gym? You decide. November 2012.

Just this last Friday, our government killed an American citizen that deserved to be killed, and I am glad that sob is dead. He deserved to die. During the Hurricane Katrina debacle, the government removed citizens from their homes and stole their firearms from them that they were using to protect their lives and property. I watched a video of an Oklahoma National Guard officer say that he hoped he didn’t have to kill an American citizen that refused to leave his private property or give up his legally owned firearm. Youtube it, you can see it for yourself. During the Chinese Student protests in Tiananmen Square, they had to import PLA soldiers from 1000’s of mile away because the local army wouldn’t use tanks against their fellow citizens. Maybe, the Louisiana National Guard would have either. Something for you and Michele Bachmann to think about.


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