The Growing Hispanic Population and Its Impact On Texas – Race Baiting Not the Answer

Texas has a population of 26M and growing. The Hispanic population is increasing in leaps and bounds, and according to the Texas Window on State Government taken from the Texas State Data Center, Texas will be predominately Hispanic American by 2020.

Our rural communities still manage to elect non Hispanics over Hispanics while the urban cities have gone to ‘minorities’. Of the top ten largest cities in Texas, eight are Blue and only two remain Red.


Houston 2,160,821
Houston Mayor Annise Parker D
White 25.9% Hispanic 44%

San Antonio 1,382,951
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro D
White 27.4% Hispanic 62.5%

Dallas 1,241,162
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings D
White 28.6% Hispanic 43.9%

Austin 842,592
Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell D
White 47.1% Hispanic 36.3%

Fort Worth 777,992
Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price R
White 42.1% Hispanic 34.8%

El Paso 672,538
Mayor El Paso Oscar Leeser D
White 14.9% Hispanic 80.3%

Arlington 375,600
Mayor Arlington Robert Cluck R
White 40.7% Hispanic 30.0%

Corpus Christi 312,195
Mayor Corpus Christi Nelda Martinez D
White 32.4% Hispanic 60.3%

Plano 272,068
Mayor Plano Harry LaRosiliere D
White 58.2% Hispanic 13.1%

Laredo 244,731
Mayor Laredo Raul Salinas D
White 3.4% Hispanic 95.6%

Are we in danger of turning Blue? You might think: Never! But Democrats have a history of being relentless and have a long-term goal to turn Texas Blue with Battleground Texas working in areas densely populated by Hispanics. The Hispanic vote may be underdeveloped today, but don’t expect that this situation will remain as the white population ages; the Hispanic population is younger, educated and eager to make a difference. The Hispanic vote will have a monumental impact in our future state wide elections.

In the meantime, some Republican candidates in Texas use the Hispanic as a crutch. Candidates use the Hispanic when it is convenient, when it will bring in votes. Hispanics should not only be embraced for their music, cuisine and decor, but included for their values. The values of the Hispanic American line up appreciably with the Republican Party, as Hispanics are usually socially and fiscally conservative.

Recently Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in seeking reelection made some off the cuff or maybe not, remarks to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Houston on April 17, "Mi oponente es anti-inmigrante, anti-Hispano, anti-mujer y yo no soy ningún de esas cosas.” This remark was meant to acquire votes for the up coming Run Off election against Dan Patrick. These remarks show how little Dewhurst has grown from the 2012 election when he attacked Senator Ted Cruz, accusing him of wanting amnesty because he has a Hispanic name. The radio ad against Senator Cruz emphasized his name 11 times so the listener would know that Senator Cruz was a ‘Hispanic’. It is no longer impressive to have someone speak Spanish as a ‘token’ gesture to garner votes. This pattern of enticing Hispanics or Non Hispanics to the voting booth should be eliminated from any candidate’s speech-making.

On April 15th, I was invited to attend the immigration debate between San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Senator Dan Patrick. In the debate Patrick agreed that we are a nation of immigrants and made it very clear that mass deportation was not on his list and that we have a responsibility to secure the border for safety. It is wrong, Patrick emphatically said, for the people coming across the border to be exploited. Patrick favors a guest worker program and welcomes the legal immigrant.

It is time that our elected leaders rise above the race baiting rhetoric and actually implement what they say they will do. Texas must lead the nation by working to secure the border for the protection of the US citizen and the wellbeing of those crossing illegally. By allowing a guest worker program our economy will continue to prosper, we will know who is here from a foreign country and businesses will have the opportunity to have guest worker permits to help them achieve their production objectives.

Texas must take the bull by the horns and have the vision and wisdom to understand that sooner and not later, Texas will be primarily Hispanic American and that we must unite to keep our Texas conservative. It is up to the Texas voter to decide who will lead us to a flourishing and unified Texas. It isn’t enough to ‘speak’ Spanish to a Hispanic group, what matters is having the leadership to coalesce all Texans, Hispanic and non Hispanic. We need someone who can bring all Texans to the table. That is the person who we should seek as our next Lt. Governor.

Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!



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