Andrew Breitbart "gets it"...will the GOP listen?

The Right WayAndrew Breitbart, founder of, proves that he gets it! Will the GOP listen?  That is the question Breitbart raises in a Washington Times Opinion/Analysis piece.

Republicans, on the other hand, act like a snobby condo board and appear to seek out potential voters for their savoriness. The party expects pre-existing respectable organizations, Protestant churches in particular, to do the heavy lifting. In this day of dwindling Republican appeal, the party's ace in the hole is heard at the end of the polling day: "Have they counted the overseas military vote yet?" It's amazing Republicans ever win.
Most disturbing, Republicans seem to think Democrats can be their friends. Not only does the Republican Party not have a Ronald Reagan, the Democratic Party has no Tip O'Neill. Washington doesn't have end-of-the-day, cross-party social sessions over single-malt scotches. There is no bipartisanship that doesn't end in Republicans acquiescing in defeat of their core principles. A coordinated Democratic campaign against mainstream middle-of-the-road Republicanism is here to stay. And our strategy, as best as I can decipher it, is to be more liked than the last go around.

Amen, Andrew, Amen!  Our goal at is to make sure the Texas GOP does not follow the example of the National GOP, and maybe we can offer a little positive influence on the national scene!


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