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Rasmussen Reports Poll Shows Bill White Beats Debra Medina for Texas Governor

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According to a Rasmussen Reports general election survey from January, Democratic ex-mayor Bill White would trail both Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry in the Texas gubernatorial election if either one were to win the GOP primary. However, if Debra Medina were to win the GOP primary for Texas governor and then have to face Bill White in a one-on-one election match-up, Bill White would win. Check out the results here.

at Feb 2, 2010 12:45 PM


Straight from your source:
"The surprise, as in the new Rasmussen Reports survey of the GOP gubernatorial primary, is the growing strength of Debra Medina, a businesswoman active in the state’s Tea Party movement. Medina now edges White 41% to 38%."

Medina has the momentum.  RINOs watch out...

The above article is about a survey from January. A new survey came out today disputing the information above (which you can tell from reading the title) and was posted immediately:  http://texasgopvote.com/blog/most-recent-rasmussen-report-shows-all-thre...

Considering her success in the BELO debate.  I believe that we have a winner in Debra Medina.

TexasGOPVote has posted the new results that just came out today: http://texasgopvote.com/blog/most-recent-rasmussen-report-shows-all-thre...

Rasmussen shows Debra Medina beating Bill White


February 1, 2010 Results
Debra Medina (R) – 41% +3
Bill White (D) – 38% -6
Other – 6%

According to google search trends by candidate name and the rate of adding facebook friend counts, Debra Medina started ascending rapidly in early January about a week before the first debate. On both measures she is continues running well ahead of Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. I am also hearing anecdotal evidence that she also has some party cross over appeal. Since the Rasmussen polls continue to show Debra Medina gaining with each poll it remains unclear where she will plateau. Judgment day, March 2nd is now about four weeks out. It would really be nice if more frequent polls were taken in the coming weeks but I know this is a very busy season for Rasmussen.